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    Note to Owners and Staff Members of Other Webkinz Forums Empty Note to Owners and Staff Members of Other Webkinz Forums

    Post  Admin on Tue Jan 13, 2009 3:05 pm

    Some of you may have come here because there is a link to this site from your site, and I wanted to address any concerns you may have in having a site in your links that will be trading estore pet codes.

    Receiving a pet code can be dangerous. This include trading for one or receiving one as a gift. The owners of this site would never hack anyone's account, but we still feel that no one should trust us. We have posted a warning about trading for pet codes and ways to protect yourself, and we will continue to post this on every thread where we offer a pet code for trade. In addition, we have purchased pet codes on Ebay, received pet codes as prizes and sold pet codes on Ebay, so we have plenty of experience dealing with pet codes and the safety issues.

    We know of no sites that offer estore pet codes so without any competition, you may be concerned about us taking advantage of people, especially kids. We have started this site because we want to give people who do not have the ability to purchase these pets an opportunity to get one. We are going to aim for a 2500-3000 value per dollar compared to other site's value guides. We will post all of our trades on threads so you can come back and see that we are not taking advantage of people. We will not offer an estore pet code in an auction format because we do not want people to overbid on it due to the lack of availibility to trade for them. Our wants list will include a mix of current, retired and new items to give traders a variety of items to offer.

    The owners of this site, a72b75c77 and Mrs. F, are both adults. We are identical twin sisters so we know each other and know that neither one of us would take advantage of the people who come to this site to trade for estore pet codes.

    If you still have questions or concerns, please private message the Admin account here or pm a72b75c77 or Mrs. F on WebkinzTown, KinzCommunity, Webkinz Insider, or here.

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