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    Where to Get Estore Exclusive Pet Codes


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    Where to Get Estore Exclusive Pet Codes Empty Where to Get Estore Exclusive Pet Codes

    Post  Admin on Wed Jan 21, 2009 9:20 am

    There are not many places to get EStore Exclusive Pet Codes from beside the EStore. I do not know of any forums that allow the trading of pet codes because of the safety issues involved. Some forums and the Kinzville Newz website do offer EStore Exclusive Pet Codes as contest prizes. Kinzville Newz is the safest place to win a code from. The odds of winning a pet code is often low.

    On this site we will sometimes offer Pet Codes for trade. We will not offer this all the time. Please sign up for the newsletter if you are interested in trading for Pet Codes. You will receive an e-mail when we have codes available for trade. You can also check the links section to see if anyone knows of a site that allows pet code trading. WARNING: We cannot guarentee the safety at the sites posted in our links section, so make sure to follow the safety guidelines. You enter the linked sites at your own risk.

    This site will not be closely monitored and no trading for EStore Codes is allowed between members.

    Safety Tips for Pet Codes:

    If someone knows your Webkinz User Name and one of your pet codes they can enter your account, change your password and do whatever they want to the account. The only way to stop them at that point is to get Webkinz Support to change your user name, but by then it is usually too late to save your favorite items. Here are some safety tips to follow when you receive a pet code as a prize or from a trade.

    1. Make sure you enter the pet code into an account that has never been shared. Have you ever traded with it? received a contest prize in it? posted it in a forum profile? shared it openly with online friends? If you have done any of these things, choose a different account or start a new one.
    2. Remember to never post your webkinz user name after you have entered the pet code into the account. Keep the user name private from then on.
    3. Enter the code into an account that does not have items you will be upset over losing. There is no harm in having more than one account. Keep your most valued items safe by keeping them in a separate account.
    4. If you are not sure if the account has been shared, start a new account with the pet code.
    5. There are many honest people out there who will never try to steal from you, but play it safe anyways.

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