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    How Trading for Pet Codes will Work


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    How Trading for Pet Codes will Work Empty How Trading for Pet Codes will Work

    Post  Admin on Thu Jan 29, 2009 5:52 am

    Most times we will not have prepurchased codes available to trade. We will need to buy and trade them the day they are available in the EStore. We may buy some extra holiday pets in advance before the holiday ends but after the holiday passes we will trade them for more than their purchase value.

    For Holiday Pets: Before the holiday is over, post requests for Holiday Pets on the EStore Pet Request Thread in the Special Events Section. After the holiday, any extra pets will be listed in its own thread in the Special Events Section at a higher dollar value than the original purchase price.

    For Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday Pets: If you are interested in the pet available on any Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday post a request on EStore Pet Request Thread in the Special Events Section. We may not always be available on the day a pet arrives, so you may post before the pet is available so that we can keep a watch for it. However, come back and remind us if you see it in case we forget or miss it. For financial reasons, we are limiting trades to 1 of any particular pet per person. (For example you can trade for a Purple Floral Fox and a Green Floral Fox, but not 2 Purple Floral Foxes.)

    Make sure to read the Safety Tips for Pet Codes. You will be required to post or PM that you read them and promise to enter the pet code into a private account (that is an account with a user name that is never told to others). This is for your own protection. Many people can be trusted, but you need to protect yourself anyways.

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